Covered California


Covered California’s renewal period (annual re-determination process), October 12 December 15, 2017, is intended to help individuals and families retain health coverage for 2018.

If a consumer has no changes, does not want to shop or compare new plans, and wishes to passively renew, there is no action needed or required. When the date on the Renewal Notice is reached, Covered California will automatically renew the consumer into their same plan with updated pricing, if available. If the same plan is not available, Covered California will automatically renew the consumer into the plan equivalent within the same metal tier with the lowest cost carrier available. Example; an Anthem Gold 80 PPO in Santa Barbara will be automatically renewed into Blueshield Gold PPO.

If you wish to make changes please complete the 2018 Covered Ca Renewal Form

To schedule an appointment with our Certified Covered California Agent, Tarah Thompson, please contact our office by calling 805-687-3225 or emailing

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